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New Water Meters Installation Begins….

Greenwood Utilities Smart Meters use Advanced Metering Infrastructure.  A communication system that allows collection of detailed metering information through an automated metering system.  It allows real-time, on demand, meter readings from electrical and water meters to Greenwood Utilities.

The installation process has already begun.  We estimate all customers will be upgraded with smart water and electric meters by the summer of 2024. For updates, follow us on Facebook.

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Since 1904, Greenwood Utilities has provided safe and reliable electric power and water to the citizens of Greenwood. Now in our second century of service, GU employees and commissioners are acutely aware that our success is largely dependent on that of our customers and community. Our focus is the same as it has been from the start: reliability and competitive rates through long-term planning and system maintenance. With these goals in mind, our commissioners and employees look forward to the next century of service with great enthusiasm. From our inception more than 100 years ago, Greenwood Utilities has had just thirty-three Commissioners, eight General Managers and two CEO / Presidents. That’s stability.